We have important information for you, if you're planning a family trip!

We work hard to make the most out of your visit. We want to ensure that both you and our felines are comfortable and have a peaceful time when you’re visiting, so we can further strengthen the bond between you and our cats.

Please, read our guidelines below, and as always, you are more than welcome to call us, if you have any questions.

We had to reconsider the issue of children visiting our establishment. We asked our guests, read their responses and reviews, and after lengthy consideration of these opinions and of suggestions from our patrons (many of whom are parents of young children), we have decided that beginning April 1, 2018, we will enforce an 8-year-old age limit at the coffee house on weekends.

On weekdays, children of all ages can visit the coffee house between 10am and 6pm, but on weekends only children ages 8 and up.

We hope to avoid any further inconvenience, and so we kindly ask parents with children to understand this decision, which we had to make expressly at the request of our guests and to protect our feline residents, and we still recommend booking a table to avoid any potential waiting time. Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation!

The rules above are being introduced for the good of our cats and well-being of our guests, making their stay here more pleasant and comfortable. We welcome every new and old guest with the same love as always!


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