Cat Café Budapest opened in 2013, not so long after the concept of cat café arrived to Europe. Cat Café Budapest offers you a comfortable place to pet, play and socialize with our lovely cats, while relaxing with a cup of coffee. It’s a pawsome place for cat lovers to enjoy and interact with cats.

You can choose from our wide range of hot beverages, sodas and alcoholic beverages, as well as cakes and sandwiches.

You also have the opportunity to organize your private events here; birthdays or other. Our staff will stand ready, and our guidelines will help to make the most out of your visit here.

We are looking forward to see you, who likes cats and is ready for an extraordinary experience!

Our kitties


Pötyi also came from a shelter. He is a real mini predator. It is hard to win his affection but if you succeed in it, he will treasure you. If you become really great friends he can jump as high as he possibly can for a pat on the head.



She is living in her dreams, she is also a true blood main coon. She usually daydreams on her favourite spot, on the table. She loves to lay down on opened laptops and bags while she dreams about beautiful butterflies. She is a real cat-Buddha, but sometimes she can be very excited by the view of the pigeons on street.


Mortimer has Brittish blue blood too, which can also be seen in his attitude. He is a nice, calm, friendly cat, and it is very hard to make him angry. He loves to lay in the sink and play with the water dropping out of it. We don’t like favouritism, but we will admit that he is our most beautiful cat.



Flora Fluffy testvérkéje. Ő egy gyönyörű házi-perzsa keverék cicalány. Ő egyszerre játékos, bolondos, de leginkább egy nagyon nyugodt és kiegyensúlyozott cicus. És persze egyedi színű bundája mindenkinek nagyon tetszik.

Momo (Szutyok)

Despite the fact that she is beautiful and looks like a true blood, she also came from Macskavilág Alapítvány. We found her on the streets, covered in dirt and oil, next to a hotel. Momo became an important member of our café within a few weeks. She is very active, playful and an entertaining cat, everyone loves her deeply.

Momo (1)


Mirtill, who also came from Macskavilág Alapítvány, is a real house cat in its every aspect. She carries every cat „sign”, meaning in a good way. If you are not careful enough she will be on your shoulder in a minute, because she likes to reach higher places from it. She is desperately in love with Azúr, who does not realize her existence, but she will never give up. Whenever it is possible, she is close to him.   


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Révay street 3., Budapest

Monday – Sunday: 10:00 – 21:00

Phone: +36 20 617 3301

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